2018 Baby Name Predictions

2018 Baby Name Predictions – One little-known insider secret at Our Green House is that we have the privilege of getting hints at the top baby names of the year as we hand-write customer’s gift notes. Some of the names that have come rolling in just this week that we absolutely love are:


1. Fia
2. Ruby
3. Agnes
4. Louissa
5. Josephine
6. Sybil
7. Sasha
8. Ella
9. Madeline
10. Finley


1. Calvin
2. Sullivan
3. Brock
4. William
5. Theodore
6. Arlo
7. Grayson
8. Ollie
9. Al
10. Leroy

With names like these, we may be seeing a shift in how adventurous parents are feeling when naming their babies. 2017 kept it safe with baby names that didn’t change much from 2016, as you can see:

2017: Top 10 baby names for girls

2016: Top 10 baby names for girls

2017: Top 10 baby names for boys

2016: Top 10 baby names for boys

1. Sophia 1. Sophia 1. Jackson 1. Jackson
2. Olivia 2. Emma 2. Noah 2. Aiden
3. Emma 3. Olivia 3. Liam 3. Lucas
4. Ava 4. Ava 4. Aiden 4. Liam
5. Isabella 5. Mia 5. Lucas 5. Noah
6. Sybil 6. Isabella 6. Caden 6. Ethan
7. Mia 7. Riley 7. Grayson 7. Mason
8. Riley 8. Aria 8. Mason 8. Caden
9. Zoe 9. Zoe 9. Elijah 9. Oliver
10. Amelia 10. Charlotte 10. Logan 10. Elijah


A lot of these are repeat winners and we want to say congratulations to Sophia and Jackson for holding the number one spot in their respective categories two years running! Here’s something interesting: for the last two years, 7 out of the top 10 girls names end in a and at least 5 out of the top 10 boy’s names end in n. We wonder if the same names will stick in 2018 as well?

Trends in  2018 baby names come from all over – from television characters, celebrity babies, and thanks to Kate and Harry lately, from royalty too. Some names to keep an eye on this year could come from any of these sources. Watch out for:

Royal Influences: Harry, Meghan, George, Charlotte

Celebrity Influences: Stormi, Chicago, Mason, Dream, North

Popular Tv Series (think Game of Thrones): Aria, Bran, Cersei, Sansa, Jon

What do you think? Are we going to see a dramatic shift or will our current headliners hold their own? Comment below with your favorite names and predictions for the new year.

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