Do You Really Need Organic Baby Clothes?

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day when it occurred to me – babies are everywhere! At least in my social circle. Everyone I know is posting pictures of new babies, ultrasound photos, baby showers, pregnancy pics, sibling shots… it’s enough to make you cry if you are sentimental about that sort of thing. With a baby in the house myself, my emotions run from sentimental to slightly insane, so tears could flow at any moment. Anywayyyyy… point is I am struck by this general theme of pure unadulterated LOVE in these photos. It’s to be expected, I am sure, but it’s an emotion that smacks you in your face more than when you are looking at let’s say – pictures of someone’s breakfast. You don’t even need a filter for these pictures because love just radiates its own filter on them.

baby love

All these expecting parents, wanting the world for their new babies. Everyone goes about it in their own way, but they all want The Best, The Safest, The Proven, The Sleep. Oh, they might not know about that last one yet, but they will all want The Sleep, give them time. As an expecting parent, I think I spent more time reading Amazon reviews more than any other type of literature (which I know is a very loose definition of literature). Typing questions into google like “3 car seats in one row Honda Pilot” and getting lost in pictures of other people’s cars that somehow aren’t covered in a fine orange dusting of goldfish. I frequently wished there was just a magical someone out there that could just find me exactly what I need and present it to me. I’d pay dearly to have back those research minutes.

So, when research is pointing you in the direction of organic baby clothes and you are like “but why on earth do I need to spend even more money on something I am not sure is important”, I have come to your rescue (just this once) with some quick points that won’t leave you having to scroll through tons of reviews. You’re welcome. It won’t even take that long. Unlike trying to decide between different nursery themes, this choice is pretty easy.

Newborns Have Delicate Skins with Great Sensitivity

Newborns have extra-sensitive skin and that’s because it is thinner and has larger pores than adult skin, meaning that even the slightest irritation can inflame them. The synthetic material and the use of cheap elastic or closures can easily cause rashes just from contact. Plus those larger baby pores make it easier for their skin to absorb some of the harmful chemicals used in manufacturing most conventional baby clothes.

Organic baby clothes, on the other hand, are usually made from 100% organically sourced cotton or sometimes other sustainable materials like hemp or bamboo. These natural plants produce a fabric that is extremely soft without the need for harmful chemicals and toxins. The breathability of organic cotton helps keep rashes at bay as well.

organic cotton

Organic Baby Clothes Prevents Allergies

Commercials and ads for natural detergents and plant-based baby care products like to tout “pediatrician recommended” or “used by doctors.” This is because babies in their early days are usually more susceptible to allergic responses. New studies are coming out all the time that simple things like the types of wipes you use can provide a gateway for later allergies. I’ve found, especially with sleepwear, that the more natural the material the fewer the rashes. Of course, I didn’t figure it out quite as fast with the first baby so the first kid is loaded with allergies. Sorry first kid. Subsequent children have benefited from my noticing it, though and they are allergy free with flawless skin. We can’t do everything right all the time as the world likes to remind us parents.

Organic Baby Clothes Are Affordable & Cost-Effective

Sometimes you do have that moment of sticker shock when you look at the price of organic clothes versus that entire set of store brand polyester baby clothes. Take a second, though, before dismissing the more expensive clothes because they seriously last so much longer. I have more organic clothes that have been passed down through three kids than a child could ever actually need and it’s because those natural fibers are stronger. Not being treated with toxic dyes and bleaches helps too. If you have any intention of passing down those pajamas or onesies I totally recommend spending more to get more use.

It can be so easy to be overwhelmed with all the choices that becoming a new parent entails. While I cannot tell you which car seat combination will work for your car, I can tell you that choosing organic baby clothes like this new organic baby clothing line will provide your newborn with safe, soft and sustainable outfits from one kid to the next.


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