Top Ten Gifts Moms Want When They Have More Than One Baby

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I remember driving away from my baby shower for my first baby, SUV loaded up with enough cute outfits for triplets at least, adorable blankets for every possible use, hooded towels, baby soaps, car seats, if it was on a baby registry “must have” list I got it. A second son and a daughter later I still have so many of these treasured gifts. I get such a rush going into our storage and pulling out the bin labeled newborn clothes or the one labeled blankets & towels knowing that we can still shower the new baby with the same loved items that our first received. With each baby, though, there is always something that I feel like we need to buy new or that you can’t use for more than one baby. So whenever I see a mom friend of mine having her second, third or fourth baby I like to buy something I hope she can really use or may not have already. It’s not always easy to know what to get for someone who presumably already “has everything” so I’ve made a top ten list of the things that I think any new mom would want – even if she’s on baby #3.


organic cloth diaper1. Diapers diapers diapers… and wipes. Seriously, you cannot have enough of these in those first few months. My babies tend to lean to the giant side so I don’t shy away from size 2 and 3 too. Even cloth diapers could use some refreshing after a while so a new all-in-one or a cute wrap cover can spruce up the cloth stash.


organic stuffed cat in a dress2. A really nice organic stuffed animal or doll. I know! Who would think a mom who is likely already wading through a sea of stuffies could use another stuffed pal for her baby? But hear me out – my first loooooved his stuffed animals, especially a stuffed squirrel named McNuttie. Eventually, he didn’t drag McNuttie around anymore or cuddle him to sleep but when baby #2 took a liking to McNuttie there were some jealousy issues. But when I looked at the mountains of stuffed animals I realized our second babe had none to call his own! Get ahead of the sibling rivalry and gift the new little one a very special stuffed animal he can call his own.


3. Anything handmade! My best friend makes each of my kids their own blanket when they are born and I think that is just the best. First babies get all the good handmade stuff – booties, blankets, tag blankets… If you are crafty a lovely heartfelt gift is always treasured.


4. Special keepsakes – I am so guilty of overlooking this one. My first has enough “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments he could share with a half dozen siblings and I forget about this one every year. I ordered an etched glass one on December 27th this year for my baby girl, she doesn’t need to know it wasn’t on the tree, does she? A personalized gift like an ornament or piggy bank is a great way to make a new baby feel special.

Natural Teething Ring - Elephant Wood Teether


5. Teethers and pacis – I think the word “yuck” should sum up hand me down teethers. That natural rubber giraffe just didn’t look as delicious by baby #3.


6. High-quality pajamas. Maybe it’s just me but I love putting my babes in really nice pjs. They spend so much time sleeping I can’t stand putting them in synthetic fibers with flame retardants. A soft organic long john is way more appreciated than a frilly dress or dapper vest, (though those are admittedly pretty cute too!)

take me home baby outfit


7. A baby going home outfit – bringing home a new baby is ALWAYS a big deal for mom and dad, doesn’t matter if it’s baby one or baby 7 (I can say that since I have 6 brothers). A beautiful outfit to take the baby home in is such a sweet way to say that you know this baby is a gift worth celebrating too.


8. Socks – How I never seem to have enough baby socks I will never know. I am not the only one either, all the hand me down clothes I have received over the years have never had socks. Where do they go?!


9. A blanket…for mom. Ok, this one might be my favorite gift for new parents. My husband has bought me a gorgeous throw before each of my kids were born. Those first few months you spend so much time snuggled up with your baby, who wouldn’t love a cozy blanket to wrap you two up? You would think you only need one. Wrong. Babies are beautiful but babies are gross. A new throw is a wonderful thing.


10. Gift cards to anywhere or anything. This probably goes without saying. Babies are expensive and they always need something unpredictable. You can never go wrong with a gift card.  (Our Green House 🙂 is always a great choice!)

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March 9, 2018 at 11:55 am

Great article and a good reminder to ALWAYS purchase something new for a baby whether it is the first or the tenth! –Leslie

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