Why Gender Reveal Parties Are So Popular

The popularity and acceptance of gender reveal parties by expectant parents and their loved ones has continued to soar over the years. What’s the buzz about? How has this phenomenon that was barely known over a decade ago become a part of our culture in such a short time?

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Gender Reveal Parties: How Did It All Start?

Looking back, it seems to have started around summer 2010. Google Trends had previously reported no interest of online searchers in the concept.

Ever since then, online searches have risen exponentially. The words Gender reveal party videos, gender reveal party ideas, and gender reveal gift ideas are now common. It is hard to tell when the first gender reveal party was held. We know that 2015 was the explosive year that saw it gaining popularity.

Why So Popular Today?

If you’ve experienced what it means to be an expectant mother or father, you’ll probably be able to relate to the excitement.  This has kept gender reveal parties trendy right from the first creatively inspired celebration.

Now, consider the fact that the time we began to hear of gender reveal coincided with the early days of the growth of social media.  You will see the significant role that social media and the internet, has played in the growth and popularity of these parties.

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Influence of Social Media on the Popularity of Gender Reveal Parties

Today, you’ll find over half a million videos on YouTube alone about gender reveal parties. The growth of social media also gave expectant parents the ability to easily and quickly share their good news with the rest of the world.  When gender reveal parties started popping up, social media soon helped this trend spread like wildfire.

Even though these parties are a purely American concept, the popularity today has spread to other countries of the world like Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Although not everyone is a fan of this concept, the popularity is expected to continue ballooning exponentially.

We can relate to the happiness and excitement of parents when learning about the sex of their baby. Gender reveal parties provide an opportunity to celebrate this exciting moment with the people we love. If you would like to bring some creative gifts, check out our selection of gender reveal gifts.

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