Organic Tea – Why Make Time?

Like many women, I tend to put my children, my work, and everyone else’s needs ahead of my own self care. Recently, I’ve realized how that has affected me – and my ability to care for others. I’d always thought of self-care as time-consuming tasks such as going for a massage or out to lunch with friends. While those are great things to do for yourself, it’s often challenging┬áto make time for them when you’re busy with a never-ending to-do list. As part of our Mindful Monday series, we really want to focus on quick and easy tips and reminders for self-care. So, today we’re talking about how taking a short pause in your afternoon to make and sip a cup of organic tea can offer many benefits.

Afternoon Organic Tea

Mindful Organic Tea Routine

The simple routine of intentionally pouring fresh filtered water into your kettle, bringing it to a simmer, and selecting your cup and tea can bring your presence the moment. Set your to-do list to the side for this brief break. Don’t worry, it’ll still be waiting for you when your break is done. ­čśë┬áSit all day? Simply getting up out of your chair to prepare your tea will help your circulation. Want an extra circulatory boost? Simply do a few lunges, squats, and/or stretches while waiting for that kettle to simmer!

Make it a Moment

Don’t just take your cup of organic tea back to your desk or daily routine. Make enjoying it a moment. Take your cup to a quiet corner ÔÇô add some fresh flowers and a nutritious snack to make it more indulgent. Just be. Be mindful of the moment; pay attention to the steam coming off your cup, the color of your tea, the flavor… I love to take mine outside to the porch or deck and listen to nature while I sip.


Spend most of your day staring at screens? This break gives your eyes a much-needed rest. Run around tackling errands and tasks all day?┬áSettle into a cozy corner and open a book of poetry or artwork. Pausing to immerse yourself and reflect on the beauty found in these works while you sip your tea is a great way to inspire creativity in your daily life. Is your day filled with solitary work and/or young children? Take your 15 minutes to┬ácall a friend and catch up. That feeling of connection, even if it can’t be in person, can really go a long way toward supporting your mental health.

While it’s sometimes hard to pause what we’re doing, taking that tea break has actually been shown to help improve your productivity and creativity for the rest of the day.┬áStudies have shown that the simple act of pausing your day to have a cup of tea may lead to a sustained improvement in mood and well-being and it’ll aid in hydration too!

In the comments below, share where you enjoy your afternoon tea and what kind of organic tea you prefer!

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