When is it Good to Give + When is NOT Good to Give?

Guest Post by Andrea Anderson

Yes, that’s right. It’s good to NOT give sometimes.


Because when we give, we want it to be when it feels good to give.
pop open cards - loveWhen we’re excited to share a cool gift with someone.
When we find something that we think someone will love and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with them.
Or when the inspiration comes over us to do something for someone.
It’s then that you’re giving from your heart.
You’re giving from a place of LOVE. 💜
This is soul-inspired giving.
This is the time to act.
And, when we give because we’re in the mood to give and inspired to give, it gives back to us!
We FEEL it! We feel the love and lightness of purchasing and sharing that gift with someone.


When we feel like we have to give and we honestly have zero interest in giving, this is when we can feel annoyed or resentful of giving.


We may think to ourselves, I don’t want to spend the money or why do I have to buy another gift?


Wisteria & Willow soy candle

This means you’re operating from obligation mode. And, maybe even on autopilot with operating from obligation mode (this means you often do things because you think you have to, not because you really want to…)
Functioning from obligation mode and yes, gift buying, sharing and giving from obligation mode is a recipe for feeling annoyed and depleted.


You may even get annoyed at the person you’re supposed to give to, thinking they’re the issue.


All the while, it’s you feeling stuck and operating from obligation mode.


Hey, been there and done that.
However, the remedy for this is to listen.
Listen to what feels good.
Listening to what feels good is a way to actually hear what your soul wants.
And, if you’re not into the “soul” thing, it’s a way to just plain feel awesome!


So yes, give when you feel good.
Give when it feels good to give.
And, give when you’re inspired to give.
And the coolest part of giving when you’re inspired to give?
YOU get to feel awesome!
Here’s to feeling awesome and giving from the heart!!


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