Introducing Flying Bird Botanicals Herbal Teas!

Flying Bird Botanicals teas

Flying Bird Botanicals

Sitting down with a good cup of tea can bring a feeling of peace and calm that we all need. Driven from a love of plants and healing, the creators of Flying Bird Botanicals ensure that all the herbs used in their tea varieties make for such a beautiful restorative moment.  Anyone’s daily routine can easily incorporate this tea.

These delicious tea blends derive from organically grown and ethically wildcrafted herbs that have been carefully selected by the Flying Bird Botanicals team. They are Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, and commit to working first with their local sources.   They have since grown to buy from and support farms across the USA. Today they are proud to connect with so many organic farmers near and far and really value their relationships with them, as this is what will make a better cup of tea!
Even their packaging is so delicately beautiful with hand-drawn illustrations on recycled steel tin cans – all made in the US. Flying Bird Botanicals tea tins


With each wholesome cup, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated! It doesn’t matter if you enjoy your tea morning, noon or night – these teas are sure to lift you (or your gift recipient) up. Note – if you are one to crave something sweet, as we all do from time to time, then be sure to check out Chokola. This organic chocolate tea is with warm, rich flavors that will satisfy your love for chocolate!


From Mama’s Pregnancy tea to Bluebird Morning and Peace of Mind, there’s a perfect Flying Bird Botanical tea blend to complement most gift-giving occasions.

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