Made in the USA: Happy 4th of July!

Made in the USA – This July 4th we want to share a fun video from Indigo Wild, one of our vendors, that features their factory in Kansas City. In their own words, it’s a, “place where our process is more like recess – sans monkey bars, tether balls and jungle gyms. A place where we can skip to my Lou and bust out the juju. A place that is laced with sage blessings from ceiling to floor, mixing room to front door. And you’ll find that no machines are harmed in the making of our products.”

You may know Indigo Wild by their essential oil scented Zum products. From soaps and lotions to facial products, candles and cleaning supplies, so our office always smells amazing!

They’re the type of company that is always pushing the limits, trying new and crazy things. The kind of place that fights hard for the causes it believes in, with a vengeance. Indigo Wild’s products are all vegetarian, and mostly vegan and gluten-free. They strongly believe in using natural products.  Their list of “dirty words” (products they will NEVER use) is a list we can get behind!

Don’t forget our discount code is good through July 10th.

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