Love is in the air

What’s sweeter than candy? Gifts that say everything you feel while creating memories that last.

Valentine Gifts for Baby

Your heart is probably fit to burst if you are buying a first Valentine’s Day gift for a new baby.  When words can’t say enough show them with meaningful baby gifts they can hold onto for years and years:

  • Feel the love with the most amazingly soft heart blanket.
  • Our sweet organic dolls are hoping you say  “be mine”!
  • I ❤️ you even when teething makes you cranky – a wooden teether and a cuddle will help 🙂
Valentines Gifts for Her

Your love is all I need, but these gifts are pretty sweet too…..
Check out gifts for her that will last long after the heart-shaped box is gone:

  • Spread the love with an African necklace made from earth-friendly paper beads.
  • Nothing says “I have a soft spot for you” like this cozy hand knit throw.
  • Love is in the air but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a hand-poured candle made from essential oils.
  • Share the love and the rosé with insulated wine glasses for two.
Valentines Gifts for Kids

No kidding around – playtime pals deserve Valentine’s Day love too.  Children of all ages love to receive a heart-warming gift.

  • Bear hugs will never be the same after you’ve loved one of these soft teddy bears.
  • Love can be up and down but a wooden helicopter should keep you flying high through this playful holiday.
  • Stuck on you but not on your walls – these heart wall decals can fill a room with love and be removed without leaving a trace.
  • I’d pick you any day and now that day can be all year long with this garden-in-a-bag, easy to grow flower kit.
Valentines Gifts for Dogs

Puppy love ❤️
Pets can make better Valentine’s company than humans, don’t forget about them this holiday!

Valentines Gifts for Guys

Romantic gifts for guys do not have to be hard to find if you know the right places to shop.

  • You light up my life and the room with this unique soy candle.
  • I was soaping’ you’d be my valentine – Can’t go wrong with an all natural shave kit.
  • Don’t make me wine, be my valentine – Did you know a corkcicle bottle is insulated to keep each beverage the perfect temp?
  • Dry those tears on this super absorbent bar towel – if you didn’t get everything you wanted we will be back next year with even more eco-friendly Valentine’s gifts!

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